current project Odd Spot

Demolition of an old build and approved new build of a 3-storey 5-bedroom energy efficient home on a coastal plot sitting on 4m depth of blown sand.

The property is also located close to an English Heritage monument, so groundwork excavations involved us working closely with Cornwall Archaeology.

old build for demolition

Design and build by LionPark Construction

The client asked if we could design the whole house. So we did. An iconic 3-storey, 450 sq.m. energy efficient house within a south facing valley close to the Cornish coast.

Planning approval to demolish the old build and create a new 5-bedroom home was achieved though our planning consultant. The site is located close to an English Heritage monument, so during the excavations for groundworks we worked closely with Cornwall Archeology.

Micro piling revealed that the site sat on 4m depth of blown sand, with rising ground behind. Our solution was a piled retaining wall to the back boundary; we then excavated down to good ground, building back up with a basement foundation.  The build includes:

  • A steelwork frame with timber insulated panels.
  • Grass sedum roof.
  • New utilities.
  • Five bedrooms, games room and stunning open plan kitchen/dining/living area.
  • Landscaping.

digging & piling

piling & capping beam

gabion basket retaining wall on piled retaining beams

basement excavations

basement foundations

basement walls & tanking

concrete base & basement walls

basement retaining walls & slab

steels & timber insulating panels